A Halloween Night Encounter

It occurred the year that I had auditioned and won the role of Count Dracula for a local amateur theater. I met her after the opening night performance, she introduced herself as April. She bore a remarkable resemblance to famed Hammer movie star Ingrid Pitt.

She told me how much she loved the play and my performance during our first meeting and we seemed to connect.We always managed to chat briefly for a few minutes until I had to leave her and circle the room greeting the other audience members.

During our brief conversations I learned that she was really into the whole vampire/ Halloween scene with Dracula being her favorite character of course. Now despite her obvious attraction to me and my interest in her she declined invites to join me for cocktails after the show. I can only surmised that she was probably married.

So we lingered outside the old theater afterwards and talked for hours. She even showed up after the brush up rehearsal and we spent the better part of the evening talking after everyone had gone.

The Halloween night performance had just ended and the cast headed to the reception area to meet their friends and other members of the audience. Now before dealing with the packed reception room I always slipped outside to have a quick smoke and cool down .

Being under the hot stage lights in a tails tux and heavy satin cape had a tendency to get me overheated. Normally I slip out the stage door without saying a word, but tonight I was feeling bold. So I approached April who was standing in the reception area and I asked her to join me.

She accepted the invite and I led her backstage and out the stage door. Once outside she removed her topcoat to reveal that she was dressed like the my Dracula character. She wore a white tux shirt,vest and bow tie under a black tails tux jacket.

The jacket was not an off the rack purchase, but appeared to have been tailored to her outstanding figure. Instead of tux slacks she had a short tight skirt made from the same material, black nylons and heels completed this ensemble.

I noted that she had even colored her hair black and sported a set of fang teeth.I complimented her on her outfit and she thanked me. I was informed that she usually wore it to costume parties, but tonight she worn it in my honor.

All too soon I summoned back inside to meet the audience. Eventually the crowd began to thin out and soon only those waiting for the other cast members remained. I decided it was time to pack up my gear and leave. I found April waiting outside as I was heading to my car.

"So what happens now? Do you slink back to your crypt?" she asked with a smile as she approached.

"Back to the crypt before sunrise? Never! Now it's time to slink to the bar just down the street," I replied.

She then surprised me by asking me if I had a date. When I answered that I did not and she volunteered for the position and I couldn't believe my luck.

"Be warned that I am not removing my costume or make up," I told her.

"I would be upset if you did. It is Halloween night after all," she responded.

April followed me to the bar and we entered together. What a sight we must have presented to those already present for the bar's Halloween party. Dracula enters with this stunning female on his arm dressed almost as he is.

Now none of the cast had planned to stay very long as they were anxious to get to Halloween parties already in progress. In less than an hour it was just the two of us.

"No big plans for Halloween Night?" she asked.

"None. You?" I responded.

"Mine is actually more of a hope than a plan. I am hoping that Dracula will steal into my boudoir, bite my neck, tear off my nightie and then fuck me into submission," she answered in a low voice.

I was at a loss for words as my heart begin to beat rapidly and I felt my cock begin to thicken. It had been a few years since I gotten laid while in my Dracula costume and make up.

"Anything is possible m'dear," I responded.

A business card was discreetly removed from her purse and slid across the table to me. There was an address on it and a key piercing it.

"Give me about an hour," she asked before she disappeared out the door.

I took a seat at the bar and ordered another drink. I chatted with those around me as I watched the minutes slowly pass on the clock behind the bar. After awhile I casually asked the bartender if he knew where the street that April had written on the card was located.

"It's just a few streets away going North," he answered.

So it was just a little shy of an hour later that I left the bar and in less than ten minutes I pulled into her driveway.

I exited my vehicle donned my cape and slipped in the custom made fangs. Then using the key April had slipped me I granted myself access to her house. A soft light shined from the end of a darkened hallway and so I headed in that direction.

Through the partially open bedroom door I saw April sitting at her dressing table brushing her long hair that was free of any color. She was wearing a beautiful sheer white full length night gown that had slits up both sides.

The slits revealed that she was wearing thigh high sheer nylons I slowly entered the room and approached her.

When I was standing directly behind her I gave a low hissl and she turned in her seat and gave a slight scream with a look of surprise and horror on her face. She stood up and backed away from the table as I advanced toward her. When I grabbed her by the shoulders April responded by slapping me across the face.

"Mortal whore, you will pay for that," I growled in my stage voice.

I took her in my arms and lowered my mouth to her neck and bit her. It was not hard enough to break the skin, but hard enough to leave a mark. I was rewarded by a low ecstatic moan as her body shuddered and her nipples became hard.

Now I had hidden a capsule of stage blood in my mouth that I broke with my teeth before I bit her neck. I allowed the crimson contents to dribble onto her skin before releasing her. When she saw the blood trickling out of the corners of my mouth her eyes grew wide and she returned to her dressing table and looked in the mirror.

She issued another ecstatic moan at the sight of the crimson rivulets of blood sliding down her neck toward her breasts. I then came up behind her and spun her around so she was facing me and I grabbed her nightie by the neckline and pulled, it tore apart easily as though it was made of tissue paper.

She was not wearing a bra and crossed her arms to take my gaze off her full breasts.

"Do not cover yourself," I commanded.

I took her by the wrist and lead her to the bed where I gently pushed her down on her back. I slipped out of my loafers in preparation for removing my slacks. Then I remembered the little affair at a mall appearance many years ago and I replaced my shoes.

I instead just unzipped my slacks and extracted my swollen rod and moved closer to the bed.

Her long legs are silky smooth to the touch and I gently stroked the insides of her thighs with my fingertips. I was rewarded by soft gentle moaning as I did this. I then noticed a tiny white lace thong covering the entrance to her pussy, it is already wet with her desire.

I slowly pushed it aside and mounted her. She moaned again at the sensation of her naked body being covered by the cool satin of my cape and my hard cock slowly entering her tight and hot opening. I began to slowly thrust myself in and out of her.

I gently bit and sucked on her nipples which produced louder moans of pleasure. She tried to unbutton my shirt but I stopped her by grabbing both of her wrists and pinning her arms above her head.

I gently nipped, kissed and licked the inside of her arms which caused her to wrap her legs across my back and her body temp to shoot up. I then moved my mouth back to her breasts and spent a great deal of time kissing and licking each one. I even ever so slowly scraped my fang teeth across her nipples.

Her moans grow louder and breathing increased. Not long afterward I could feel her inner walls to contract on my cock and her legs hug me even tighter.

"Fuck me Dracula, fuck me hard," she moaned.

I increased the pace of my thrusting and she looked at me with her eyes filled with lust.

"I'm going to cum," she repeated several times before her body stiffened and a thundering orgasm took her.

Less than a minute later I hissed through clenched teeth and exploded inside her. I slowly untangled myself from her arms and legs and stuffed my now limp cock back in my trousers. I then knelt on the side of the bed and lowered my lips to her ear.

"Happy Halloween, mortal," I said in a low voice into her ear.

She reached over and pulled my head to her lips and gave me a long passionate tongue kiss.

"Happy Halloween, Count," she responded in a breathy voice when she ended the kiss.

I departed leaving her key on the dressing table along with my business card. I wonder if I will ever hear from her again.

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A Halloween Night Encounter